We first met at a coffee shop in Antigua Guatemala, in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. After asking Andrea if I could take a seat at her table, we had our first conversation about coffee, cup in hand. I had been working on a life project: creating a different business model for the coffee market. Andrea works with farmers in Guatemala creating sustainable sourcing models and strategies. It was the perfect match and connection to have a business of coffee with purpose.

There are great challenges within coffee farming, producers face volatile prices and few opportunities for a direct, fair and conscious market. When we approached coffee farmers and made our first purchase we had the ambition to do things differently, putting fair and sustainable processes throughout the coffee supply chain at the core of our business.

- Joey Gross

Positive Economic Impact

Just Wages

Higher Producer Incomes and More Timely Payments

Our coffee’s price is decided by the producers.

We pay our coffee producing and roasting partners immediately and directly.

Typically, producers in Guatemala are paid the current market price (c-price) for their coffee and must wait until the product is sold in the US by a 3rd party company before they are paid. Immediate payment reduces producer risk, the possibility of malnutrition and forced migration.

In 2023 and 2024, we paid the coffee producers about 35% more than the current c-price of coffee at the time of purchase.

Positive Economic Impact

Value Chain

El Conecte Coffee Supply Chain Model

Smallholder Farm > Roastery > Consumer. 

When you purchase our coffee, you are supporting the growth and development of the local coffee-producing community. They get paid every step of the way.

Typical GT Coffee Supply Chain Model

Smallholder Farm > Purchased by Larger Farm > Sold to Roasting Center in U.S. > Regional Distribution Center  >  Central Distribution Center (Retailer)  > Consumer.

(Coffee-producing communities do not participate in the largest profit-generating steps of the supply chain.)

Small and local

Roasted & Packed At Origin

We partnered with a small Guatemalan roastery run by women experts who roast, package, and send the freshly roasted coffee directly to you!

Delicious Experience

High Quality

The high altitudes and rich volcanic soil in the Acatenango Valley where we source our coffee give it a unique, delicious, smooth, and chocolatey flavor. This area is renowned for producing high-quality Arabica coffee beans with distinctive characteristics.

Try it now!

Small and Local


We work directly with Guatemalan producers and their local co-op in an area called the Acatenango Valley in Guatemala. We conduct on-site quality control inspections at each step of the way to ensure a premium and consistent product.

Small and local

Family-Owned and Operated Business

El Conecte Coffee Co. is a small, local, and new family business. As our first B-to-B customer, we will cater your needs and adapt to make your experience great! Our plan is to grow slowly dedicated to providing an extraordinary customer experience.


Co-founder of El Conecte.

My calling has been to empower and strengthen communities from my part of the world, I've been dedicated for 12 years to understanding and working with the communities of Guatemala. My mission is to uplift the communities by respecting and engaging to them to work hand-in-hand in the path of coffee business improvement, demonstrating to the world that a sustainable model in touch with the source is possible.


Co-founder of El Conecte.

Passionate and loyal coffee drinker. My vision is to develop the best fair and sustainable business model in the coffee market, having unique notes and delicious flavors of coffee with fair and social reach.

My role is to create bridges between the world of the consumer with expectations of high-quality coffee and the socio-economic reality of the field.